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Life Groups FAQs


Why Life Groups?

God is community! Scripture paints a clear picture of a God who not only lives in community but embraces it and seeks after it. Since we are made in the likeness of God (Gen. 1:27), then we too are created to live in and for community. The Lord God said, “it is not good for man to be alone...” (Gen. 2:18). God wants us to have relationships with others! Life Groups groups provide outlets for community and for building authentic relationships.


Who can participate?

Life Groups are open to all adults...both singles and couples are welcome. Participants do not have to attend New Hope Church. All group members must be willing to commit to regularly attend small group meetings.


How often do Life Groups meet?

Groups meet approximately every 2 weeks from September to May, breaking for the holidays and during the summer.


Where are meetings held?

In-home meetings take place in leaders’ and volunteering group members’ homes. On-campus groups meet at New Hope Church in Effingham.


How many people are typically in a Life Group?

Groups usually consist of 6-12 members.


What happens during Life Group meetings?

Meetings usually include three components:  a time for fellowship (food!), Bible discussion (sermon-based curriculum) and prayer.


How is childcare handled?

This varies from group to group depending on the children’s ages, the space available in the hosts’ home, the number of children involved, etc. Questions regarding childcare can be directed to the group leader.