All Juniors and Seniors are invited to apply for our New Hope Internship for Winter 23/24! If you have an interest in pursuing vocational ministry and gaining hands-on experience in helping lead a NH ministry, this internship is for you!

This internship is a part-time position at New Hope, where you will be given leadership responsibilities within a specific NH ministry, reporting to a NH staff member. You will also learn practical and spiritual leadership skills along with other interns (if any), hearing from guest speakers and discussing leadership values.

Some of the internship structure will be unique and dependent on your ministry of interest and the availability of the leaders involved.

Much of the internship will be self-driven, requiring someone to be an initiator (often setting your own schedule), dependable (able to be responsible with freedom), and a problem-solver (able to work through roadblocks and find solutions).


This internship will take place from October 27 – March 3, averaging ten hours per week (with time off over the holidays). Many of the weekly hours will be flexible and may change week-to-week, based on the current ministry tasks. These are the few non-flexible time requirements:

October 27
8:00AM – 8:00PM
@ oneighty

Every Tuesday
4:00 – 6:00PM
@ oneighty

March 1-3

There are a limited number of internships available, which will be determined by a Selection Committee, representing a variety of perspectives.

Internships will function differently than in the past. This role will be seen more like a staff-position and fewer interns will be selected. The Youth Student Leadership teams are the best avenue if you are looking for a next step to grow in your faith as a student leader, where the main focus is going deeper, challenging yourself as a leader, and building a connection with other student leaders.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Aaron Golden – New Hope Youth Director

The deadline to apply is October 3 at 11:59PM.

Interns will be selected and all applicants notified by October 11.