Worship Director

- Shelbyville

Part Time
Part Time
(20 hours)
(20 hours)

Organization –

Our vision is to see a greater movement of Jesus in each new generation. One central strategy toward this vision is the multisite church model, which allows us to grow in a way that best localizes ministry in surrounding communities.

Shelbyville Worship Director –

As the part time Worship Director, this person is responsible for planning and leading weekly worship gatherings that tell the story of and give meaningful expression to our Christian faith. An ideal candidate is pastorally minded, musically proficient, able to build and effectively lead a team of volunteers, and administratively skilled.

Duties/Responsibilities –

  • Assist with planning and coordinating all elements of weekly worship gatherings including crafting and leading service content and proficient use and maintenance of technical equipment

  • Recruit and lead volunteer teams, empowering and involving others who are skilled and interested in serving and helping foster their spiritual growth

  • Collaborate with other worship staff, strategizing toward the same goals

  • Model a heart for discipleship

  • Demonstrate a mature Christian faith

If you would like to apply for the position, tap the Apply Now button to email us your Cover Letter and Resume. The deadline to apply is June 30. Thank you for your interest!